What We Do
a small sampling really.

Are all of those day-to-day nitty gritty task draining your energy? You know, those items on your to-do list that keep multiplying! Do you feel like you are always behind, no matter how many 15-hour workdays you pull? You need someone that can come in, straighten things out, and get your head back above water. You want the ease that comes with knowing that all of those day-to-day tedious tasks are being taken care of!

General Admin

We take care of all aspects of your admin and back office tasks. This could include anything from sorting through your emails, typing, data entry or looking after your Social Media platforms, to name a few.


Need a new website, flyer or invitation created? We’ve got you covered! We can create a killer WP site for you or make your next flyer stand out from the crowd.


Guest lists, venue bookings, menus & everything else that goes with it, will all be looked after by our team. All you need to do is show up!

Techy Services

Does anything past checking your email or Facebook just go over your head? Don’t stress, all your techy problems are solved! Maintaining your website, sales pages, newsletters and beyond will now be under control.